Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 3 & a Dollar Short

So today is day 3 of my juice reboot. I honestly don't know if I will stick to this whole blogging thing as it really isn't something that I have ever done. I feel as though my experience may assist others and for that reason this blog now exists.

For those of you who do not know what a "juice reboot" is, it is the idea that eating the right foods can make you feel healthy and look healthy... and it starts with a diet consisting of 100% raw fruits and veggies put through a juicer(not a blender) & consuming only that for a particular duration which can be 10-90 days. My goal is 60 but for now I am going to set the goal post at 30 so that it is not so overwhelming.

When I turned on my Xbox360 to watch netflix one night, I came across this documentary called "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" with a man named Joe Cross who was spreading the meme of this juice reboot. I was so inspired by the film that I decided it was time to change my life. stepping onto the scale at 265lbs all I can do is frown and wonder "WHAT THE HELL?". I changed my diet, incorporating more fruits and veggies and less meats and dairy. within a few weeks I was down to 253.0 lbs and ready to begin my reboot.

Day 1 was very difficult for me. not so much that I would have considered quitting so early but the cravings for food were unyielding. but from 253.0lbs in the morning to 250.0lbs that night I thought to myself that instant progress is a good thing. I started thinking about all of the new and better habits that would form from this from cleaning right after preparing food to learning to enjoy new and different foods that were healthy for me.

Day 2 was not much easier for me. Granted I woke to a scale that told me I had lost 3.1lbs just from sleeping. I was 246.9lbs and just couldn't believe the progress. I did however have a really bad headache and was starting to experience nausea as well as cold symptoms. I toughed it out and my mid day felt back to my normal self.  At this point, for me, I noticed that my cravings for food and "unhealthy" flavors occurs during the evenings when I am at home and resting. I have found that keeping myself occupied assists in forgetting that I miss foods like General Tso's. I ended the day on the scale weighing in at 244.0lbs. Another 2.9 lbs down. I know this rate wont last for much longer and that there will be fluctuations but all I can say is YEEEEEAH!

Day 3 (today) was much easier, I have changed up my juice a little bit and the flavor is starting to grow on me. I was able to work with no problems other than a slightly lower than normal energy level. I woke to a scale that told me I was 242.3lbs which was rather disappointing as I had lost nearly double that the previous night. I know for sure now that focusing on the weight will definitely lead to frustrations but am adamant about documenting it all...including fluctuations. I will get into my recipes and answer some of the questions I get from friends and co-workers on my next post...strangely everyone wants to know about my poo! Oh, and as for the weight...sadly I gained some today which I am sure is water weight and scale variance. I am officially weighed in at 243.4lbs...a gain of 1.1lbs today. Until the next post...